White for life shower and bathroom sealant

Features and benefits

Features and benefits

Highly mould resistant
Won’t stain, blacken or yellow
Use for sealing around showers, baths and sinks
Mould Resistant

This highly mould resistant sealant will keep your shower, bath or sink looking like new. Not only does it resist the growth of mould, it’s also designed not to stain, blacken or yellow over time.
White For Life is ideal for sealing around tiles and baths, shower trays, basins, worktops and stainless steel sink-taps.

Also available in clear.

Suitable materials: Glass, stainless steel, ceramics, plastic baths and fittings

Sizes: C20 cartridge

Coverage: Approx. 10m of a 6mm diameter bead per cartridge

Frequently Asked Questions

The sealant should form a skin within 30-40 minutes depending on bead width, temperature and humidity, and will be completely set within approximately 48 hours. 

Absolutely. White For Life is ideal for use around kitchen sinks, tiles and other fittings.

When applied, White for Life has a ‘vinegar’-type odour, which is a standard feature of many sanitary sealants.
This will disappear once fully cured.

Yes, to prevent any film of material building up on the product on which mould can grow.


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