Floor tile grout fast set for wood and concrete floors

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Features and benefits

Features and benefits

Sets in just 3 hours
For grout joints up to 12mm wide
Suitable for all types of tiles
Can be used with underfloor heating systems
For interior and exterior use
Fast Setting

This high quality, flexible, rapid setting cement based tile grout is suitable for interior and exterior use, and can be used on grout joints up to 12mm wide.
The waterproof and frost resistant formulation can be used with most domestic underfloor heating systems and in sites with continuous immersion, such as power showers.

Suitable materials: grouts all types of tiles on wood and concrete floors

Sizes: 5kg

Coverage: 6.m 2  per 5kg - dependent upon the nature of the substrate, the type of tile, tile dimensions and the width of the grout joints

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes - Floor Tile Grout Fast Set for Wood and Concrete Floors is suitable for use with all types of tiles.

The grout should set in 3 hours, depending on the ambient conditions.


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