New DIY adhesive range is seriously strong stuff

Published on August, 8 2017

EVO-STIK has relaunched its range of high performance DIY adhesives to include new formulations with an increased focus on speed and strength.

The range includes the Seriously Strong Stuff Fast Setting Adhesive, which will hold up to 300 kg/m 2 in just 15 minutes, along with the Seriously Strong Stuff Ultimate Adhesive, which will support up to 150 tonnes when fully cured.

Each adhesive in the range comes in modern packaging and includes the key features and benefits to help consumers select the right product for the job.

Also included in the range is the Strong Stuff Super Adhesive which is available in a cartridge or a 200ml squeeze tube for ease of application. With no need to cut and fit a nozzle or use an applicator gun, the squeeze tube is ideal for quick repair jobs around the home.

These products are joined by the Serious Stuff Waterproof Adhesive, which will bond damp surfaces around the interior or exterior of a home and can even be used underwater. Completing the range is the Serious Stuff Sealant & Adhesive. Available in white and clear, this can both seal and bond in one application, saving the consumer time and money.

All products in the range can be used on a variety of materials including wood, ceramics, glass, metal and plastic.

EVO-STIK DIY adhesives